Can Someone Help Me Get a PDF on Types of Ships That Carry Dangerous?

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Can someone help me get a PDF on types of ships that carry dangerous cargo through my email:

As i understand the hazardous cargo regulations all ships carry varied amount of hazardous cargo…. yet because of cargo volume there are also specialized vessels like bulk oil tankers, and LNG ships.

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Here's the thing. A LNG ship can only transport a maximum of 12,000 tonnes of oil and 2 tonnes of natural gas a day. What that means is that LNG ships don't have enough space for an entire refinery or manufacturing facility. It can't be that the ships are designed to hold less than 60,000 tonnes of oil and natural gas. But it must be that the ships are designed to hold no more, or as little as possible, in the event of a global crash. That would put a very serious crimp in refining operations…. You might ask yourself whether that is really a concern. But you would be incorrect. For one thing, there are many LNG ships's that are already in service or are soon to be in service. In the United States there are currently 2 LNG ships with 15,000 tonnes a day capacity servicing the Northeast Region. As far.