Do Word to PDF Conversion Apps Support Only Certain Type Fonts?

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Do Word to PDF conversion Apps support only certain type fonts? Don't they support all the true type fonts?

The first thing I would mention is styles, but that has already been commented on and I’ve been asked to answer. You mention selective fonts in your question. If you’ve used a certain font you can do an advanced search and replace. In the following document, most of the text is Calibri 11 pts. Some sentences are in Times New Roman 12 pts. (I’ve highlighted these in red.) Click on Replace in the Home tab and place your cursor in the Find What box. Click on More… to expand the Find and Replace di...

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

Section to the Text tab and then click the button that says Click on Text Replace… to see the result. Select a font you’ve specified and then click Okay. For example: Select Arial 8 pt and then click Okay. This will allow you to move the cursor at any time into the Text box and click Replace. The following is the result, which is the Calibri in the box labeled Arial; Arial 12 pt in the box labeled Arial (I’ve highlighted the text in yellow in the image): You’ll notice that not all fonts are available for use when you’ve placed the cursor in the Find and Replace box. If you want to specify a font that is not in the list, click Find. And type in a different font. Or choose Not Selected (I do see this as a hint that the font may not be available on any computer).