Is there Any Law in Your Country to Protect the Right of Individuals?

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Is there any law in your country to protect the right of individuals with ADHD? What type of disorder is ADHD? Do females and children face more problem with ADHD disorder? PDF Available from:

It absolutely can and often times, does. The majority of us have had a very difficult time in school and even in jobs. There are also a vast amount of comorbidities that can come along with ADHD such as bi-polar disorder, RSD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, and also personality disorders. ADHD just by itself makes it very difficult to focus, pay attention, absorb and remember information. It makes us seem flakey, unreliable, and easily agitated. We often have trouble sleeping, easily forget about obligations or appointments, and executive disfunction. If I hadn't been diagnosed, I never would have been put on medication and I never would have gone back to college and graduated with honors. That's not to say that everyone is exactly like this, because this is just my personal experience with having this crazy disorder. I find more often than not though, that the majority of people I have spoken to all over the world with ADHD, do share a lot of things in common!

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But one thing remains a constant no matter who I've spoken to with this disorder. ADHD just doesn't seem to have an answer. The best thing that I can offer you with ADHD is that I have been able to help a much greater number of people with this diagnosis. I hope that you do not let this diagnosis hold you back in any way! There are a number of organizations out there who work to help people with ADHD with their learning or career opportunities. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to attend a number of them (both local and international) and have had the great pleasure of speaking to a great number of educators, employers, and parents as well. If you don't know a lot of the people who have contacted me, here are a few you should know, some I would call, “my heroes” because.