What Are Good Software For Translating Mathematical Documents In?

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What are good software for translating mathematical documents (PDF file type) in other languages to English which preserves the formatting and mathematical equations?

You ask, “How difficult it is for every country to make it’s own translation software, that can perfectly translate ….” And, we will stop right there. No one has ever made even one piece of translation software that can perfectly translate. In fact, even human translators have never even made perfect translations of non-trivial texts. There are some outstanding translations, but none are perfect. This is even true of great works of literature. Translations of the Bible and of the works of Shakespeare and the works of Dante and the works of Homer are always changed when t are translated. And, disagreements about how works (and the words within them) should be translated. Each language has subtleties that can never be precisely translated into other languages. You always lose some implications and pick up others. If that wasn’t true, we would all speak the same language in the first place. The only works the survive translation have no subtlety. In science, that often means keeping exactly the same word, because there is no substitute word in the foreign language. In fact, the reason English has become the lingua franca of most science is because we simply adopt the foreign words into English (and mispronounce them often, but that’s a different story). You even see that is this paragraph. Lingua franca is not a native, natural English phrase at all. It is (probably) Latin and refers to the language of the Franks (the French), (which I assume meant) the native speakers of Gaul. And, I assume it meant if you were a Roman and you wanted to go and speak to the people of Gaul, you had to do it, by speaking their language. So, it is with scientific works (and many other works). If you want to study that material, you need to do it in the language it is written in, the language which the people who do it speak. And, while that may look to you like it is English. It isn’t common vernacular English. It is Biological English or Physics English or Computer Science English or Mathematical English, etc. In Biology, you need to know enough Greek and Latin to understand the names of Genus and Species. In Mathematics, you need to know that certain letters e.g. ℤ, for Integers comes from the German word for numbers, Zahlen, and ℵ from the start of the Hebrew alphabet represents the first kind of transfinite cardinal number, and cardinal is Latin again. In Computer Science, trees have their roots at the top and their leaves at the bottom. All of those things are not English. T are the jargon of science, which just looks a lot like English, and is embedded in a lot of English text.

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You can read it when you google “Biology” or “Physics.” This is all that's needed to say. If you understand science, you won't understand this. Now, that was science, and as science goes, the more modern and complex the science, the more jargon you see used. Science doesn't work that way. Science works on things. What we learn from science can be translated back into many ways, which means that science itself can be translated back into many ways, in a myriad of languages. When we use English on one page, we can use the same English word on another to make the translation. The meaning and nuance changes. So, you don't need to know the full meaning of something, just the meaning and nuance of the words used. You don't need to know what a word means, just the word used. You don't need to be the.

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