Why Is Saving as a PDF An Option under Print But Not Any Other File?

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Why is saving as a PDF an option under print but not any other file type?

A typical text PDF stores the letters with amounts to indicate how much space should be between each letter. The amounts often change from one word to the next. There is no standard for the spacing, and different programs will arrive at different amounts. PDF guarantees the appearance will always be the same by saving those amounts along with the text so that differences in the computations won’t matter, all systems will use the computations of the system where the PDF was created rather than trying to recreate the computations. That’s also why PDFs tend to be so much larger than the source text. PDFs can be edited, but that breaks the guarantee. T’re not intended for editing, t’re meant for final versions, which is why a program may list it as a printer, rather than a file format for saving or exporting. The intended way to change a PDF is to edit the source document, and have the PDF generator create a whole new PDF from that source.

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Type on PDF: All You Need to Know

Since it takes a source PDF to create an original PDF, any system designed around PDFs will not create PDFs from existing documents. Once PDF files are created, they are often not readable by other applications. A PDF file must be opened using an application that can handle PDFs. The PDF software must have both the ability to render text with graphics and the ability to open PDF files. A PDF file often contains a PDF-Saving Command or something to do with the saving process. All computer programs used to create and edit PDF-files have to support the saving or writing of PDFs. Although some PDF program programs do have built-in support for saving, they are only as good as the user’s knowledge of PDF programs. A typical PDF-program will require the PDFs to be saved in a non-standard format for saving. Most will save with one or two.

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